National Hellenic Research Foundation

The National Hellenic Research Foundation

Institute of Historical Research (IHR) The Institute emerged in 2012 following the fusion of the Institute of Greek & Roman Antiquity, the Institute of Byzantine Research and the Institute of Neohellenic Research (L.4051/29/2/2012, article 5, par.2). The IHR conducts research on the history and culture of the Greek areas and the regions where Hellenism has been active, from prehistoric antiquity to the modern era. Institute of Biology, Medicinal Chemistry and Biotechnology (IBMCB) IBMCB was established in 2012 as a result of the consolidation of the Institute of Biological Research and Biotechnology and the Institute of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry of NHRF (L.4051/29/2/2012, article 5, par.2). IBMCB acts as a focal point, unique within Greece, for innovation at the interface of Chemistry and Biology through a modern interdisciplinary approach to the solution of state-of-the-art issues in the areas of health, drug discovery, biomarker research and biotechnology. Institute of Theoretical and Physical Chemistry (TPCI) TPCI was established in 1979 from the merging of the Institutes of Physical Chemistry (est.1968) and Theoretical Chemistry (est.1976). TPCI advances research in selected fields of experimental and computational/theoretical chemistry and physics, with emphasis on nanomaterials with advanced functionality for energy conversion and storage, photonics, and electrochemical applications. National Documentation Centre (EKT) EKT was founded in 1980 as a documentation unit within NHRF initially, developed to a National infrastructure in 1986. EKT is the National infrastructure for the collection, aggregation, documentation and dissemination of the scientific information produced in Greece. EKT provides advanced services to the country's research, education and business communities and the wider public. Through its e-infrastructure and services on top of the content it aggregates, EKT aims to cover the scientific information needs of the country and promote the Greek research outputs abroad.

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